The need for the continuous learning

As a software engineer, I’m aware of the importance to keep learning. The last years were a kind of hurricane for me, some success, some failures I was fired and I found new opportunities to grow as a professional, but in spite of I did not feel satisfied with my job I mean I was earning money and I was making that I love and I felt the necessity to more.

I found the answer in learning, not only things concern my profession, I’m learning about photography, cook, English grammar, I read a lot, and of course, I’m taking some courses about programming and technology.

Now I’m feeling good, I got a better job nearby house, with a great salary and benefits, and I have enough time to prepare me thru taking courses and learning lots of things.

And it is my point, avoid leisure and keep learning anything, that made the difference for me and I’m pretty sure that it will the difference for you too.